Standard For The Use Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinders

① should use a manufacturing license business qualified products, do not use overdue gas cylinders.

② civilian cylinders, since the date of manufacture, the first three inspection cycle for 4 years, the fourth for three years. The use of more than 15 years of the cylinder, not tested, according to the disposal of waste, according to the law to be destroyed.

③ users must have to fill the registration of the unit or the distribution of units registered gas purchase. Gas cylinders with liquefied petroleum gas shall not be transported at a distance of more than 50 km.

④ Cylinders should be used before the safety check, must use the instructions to use the cylinder, do not meet the safety requirements of the cylinder is prohibited.

⑤ place of the cylinder, not close to the heat and open flame, should ensure that the cylinder bottle dry.

⑥ When the cylinder is lifted, measures should be taken to prevent dumping.

⑦ summer should prevent exposure. Do not beat, hit the cylinder. It is forbidden to arc welding on cylinders.

⑧ It is forbidden to heat the cylinder with a heat source with a temperature higher than 40 ° C.

⑨ liquefied petroleum gas users and distributors, is strictly prohibited to gas cylinders to the next cylinder flip, or directly from the tank to the cylinder filling, is strictly prohibited from handling the residue inside the cylinder.

⑩ gas cylinders put into use, not on the cylinder to dig, welding repair. It is strictly forbidden to change the lead and color markings of cylinders.