Cylinder Of The Winding Process Essentials

① wet winding process, refers to the plastic material through the Shengjiao equipment, according to the design parameters of the winding process on the core mold, liquefied petroleum gas cylinder winding process after the end, and then through the curing effect, the final product. The wetting of the economy is better because the method requires less equipment, thus reducing the investment. However, this method can cause a large number of solvents and other harmful substances volatile and cause pollution. In addition, the process parameters in the winding process are not easy to control, so the product quality stability is relatively poor.

② dry winding process, refers to the composite material preparation process, divided into two stages of the process, the first stage of the process, used to process the matrix and reinforcement containing the preparation of the body can be stored for future Use, but the reserve of the preservation time, should be within the scope of its shelf life, otherwise it will be due to physical and chemical reactions can not continue to use. In the second stage, the use of preparatory body processing, you can get the quality of the fiber wound gas cylinder shell structure.