Cooker burner&stove

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LPG gas Cooker burners and gas stoves are devices that use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a fuel source to generate heat for cooking and other applications. Cooker burners are typically found in domestic kitchens and are designed to provide a consistent flame for cooking food on a stove top. Gas stoves are larger and more powerful than cooker burners, and are often used in industrial settings for heating and other processes.
Both types of burners consist of burner head and control valve that regulates the flow of gas from the LPG cylinder. The burner head contains small holes or jets that release the gas and ignite it to produce a flame. The size and number of holes determine the size and intensity of the flame, which can be adjusted using the control valve.
Gas stoves may have one or multiple burner heads, depending on the size and layout of the stove top. Gas cylinder burners can range in size from small portable units for outdoor use to large, stationary models used in industrial settings.

Overall, cooker burners and gas stoves provide a convenient and efficient way of using LPG as a versatile and reliable source of heat. However, proper installation, maintenance, and safety precautions must be followed to prevent accidents and ensure safe use of these devices.